TAO began out a philosophy that travel and art and movement in the outdoors (TAO) were and should be thought of as a continuum, that one enhanced the other and that perhaps divisions between subjects--like divisions in a university--should be more collaborative rather than distinct. Though we have trended towards the visual arts (painting, photography, sculpture, and film), the focus has been a specialization on painting and photography. Having said that, we try never to lose our roots, and the outdoor world (especially as it relates to our media and artists) will always be highlighted.

We enjoy promoting and commenting on artists with whom we have a personal connection, a deep understanding of their philosophy, and those with a direction and a steady success. We hope to provide both an academic, a critical view, and a gallery-type space where a secondary market is prime. We encourage collectors of these artists to submit comments about their own collections, and we encourage the movement of art in and out of collections like breaths of fresh air. 

Please do not hesitate to make any inquiries about submitting to our blog, buying pieces you see here, selling pieces you have, or just saying hello. All the best, TAO.


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