"Troy" by Lane Bennion is San Francisco's Layers

"Troy" by Lane Bennion (48x36") Oil on Canvas

"Troy" by Lane Bennion (48x36") Oil on Canvas

Lane Bennion's 2016 work has reformulated his construction of objects, but within the initial glance is a richness of content. His painting "Troy," a showroom of glassy interior revels in opulence. A second look reveals something more: a series of reflections elucidate themselves on top of the scene and the large black horse seems obvious now in the lower left corner. The point-of-view then, slowly works itself out, and viewers discover that they are position outside of a layer of glass making the scene complex and rich. The Trojan-appearing statue now clarifies the scene. The massive showcase of detail, left in sketches, almost afterthoughts, becomes visually edible texture.

Painter: Lane Bennion

Year of Completion: 2016

Title: "Troy"

Size: 36" x48"

Medium: Oil on Canvas